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Curious about study abroad at Texas State University?
Learn more about the hundreds of Texas State students studying abroad each year.

What is Study Abroad?

Studying abroad is an opportunity for students to take courses in another country and still get class credit. Most study abroad opportunities are offered at the collegiate level. Students learn much more through study abroad than what they would typically learn in the classroom. Personal growth and academic growth are both included in this type of experience.

At Texas State, students can study abroad in over 60 countries around the world. With such a vast variety of places they can go, many students find themselves in locations they had never thought of before, and learn more than they would have sitting at a desk on campus.

In addition to seeing with their own two eyes what they would normally only learn about in textbooks and online, students learn how to get out of their comfort zone, think outside the box, creatively problem solve, and how to handle any situation that comes their way in a timely manner. The map on the right indicates the continents in which Texas State students visit for their study abroad, and if you hover over a specific continent, you will see how many students studied abroad in that location during the '14 - '15 and '15 - '16 academic school years.

Countries Offered

Hover over a continent below to see how many students studied abroad there in the past two years.

Key Factors

When it comes to deciding where and when to study abroad, many students and their parents get nervous about making this big decision. Some students don't want to be the youngest in the program or the only male or female going abroad to a certain location. While these are not usually deciding factors, many students ask questions about the demographics of a program before starting their applications.

When you click on an academic year from the dropdown menus below, you will find various data that will answer the questions indicated above, and there is some additional data that might even surprise you.

Male vs. Female



When Students Go Abroad

One very common question is, "What year do students typically go abroad?" Students must successfully complete a minimum of one full semester before going abroad, but many students wait even later to make this commitment. In the dropdown menu below, you can search by continent to see the classification and genders of students who go abroad to the countries in that location.

Country Classification Gender

Why Study Abroad?

Many students view study abroad as an option in their degree plan; however, study abroad really should automatically be part of their four-year degree. Studying abroad is much more than just a fun way to take out a couple of classes to get them out of the way. It is a lifelong investment that provides students with skills that not only help them finish school, but also help them after graduation in getting their dream job and moving up the career ladder. As Adam in the video to the left states, "You might travel in the future just for fun, but it's not the same as studying abroad."